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  • June 10, 2013 7:06 pm

    Emma’s Guide for Incoming Freshmen: One Stop Dorm Shop

    Well now that I have now completed my freshman year, I’m basically a pro at this whole college thing, right? I’d like to think so, but unfortunately I’m still working out the kinks. However, I do think that I’ve acquired enough knowledge and tips and tricks that I can pass on to the next class. This is going to be the first post in a series that I’m writing: Emma’s Guide for Incoming Freshmen.

    Lets start off with a big necessity: the dorm rooms. As many of you know, there are 5 dorms: Blessed Mother Teresa, Blessed John Paul II, Saint Joseph, Saint Sebastian, and Saint Maria Goretti. They all have info pages on Ave’s website, but to save you the trip, I now welcome you to the One Stop Dorm Shop.

    Both Sebastian and Goretti Halls have double/triple rooms and eight 8-person suites. The doubles/triples each have one bathroom and the suites have a common area and two bathrooms.

    The rooms in Joseph Hall are attached and joined by a bathroom, see below:


    Mother Teresa and JPII have double rooms that share a bathroom, see below:


    Because the rooms in Mama T and JPII are technically one big connected room with 4 roommates, a lot of girls opt to move all 4 beds to one side and all 4 desks to the other, creating a sleeping space and a study space—also helpful if roommates are divided between night owls and early birds.

    Each student gets a bed, a dresser with 3 large drawers, a wardrobe (some are full length, some have 3 drawers in the bottom half), a desk with 3 side drawers and 1 thin drawer, and a 3 shelf bookshelf. Ave sends out a checklist and there are gazillions of checklists offered by stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, but I would like to give you guys my checklist of “very important stuff” that may or may not be covered on your other lists.

    1. Comfy mattress topper
    2. Extra sets of sheets and towels
    3. Command hooks for hanging bags, belts, towels, etc
    4. Power strip
    5. Lamps: both desk and floor
    6. Rug or carpet
    7. I would suggest a microwave and/or mini fridge (I won a microwave at my Senior All Night Party, popcorn became the snack of choice in our room)
    8. Shower caddy
    9. Cleaning supplies, vacuum and/or broom
    10. Umbrella/rain coat/rain boots (for rainy season)
    11. Wall decorations, posters, lights: make your room feel nice and homey
    12. Extra storage containers— for me this entailed 3 large under the bed storage bins, a set of drawers under the sink, a couple totes, and a plastic bin for snacks


    Ave will let you ship stuff to the school ahead of time and the mail room will hold it for you until you arrive, you should receive details about this over the summer. But if there happens to be anything that you forgot or couldn’t ship/take on the plane with you, Ave does offer Target and Walmart runs for any last minute dorm needs.

    Now for another very important list: what not to bring.

    1. Fellow northerners: leave your boots at home (unless you plan on going on the March for Life)
    2. An entire box of scrapbooks and picture frames. Maybe a couple pictures of your family and friends, trust me, desk surface area is precious and I can tell you I forgot I even brought my scrapbooks until I packed to leave
    3. A myriad of stuffed animals and pillows. No judgement here, you should see my bed. But again with the precious surface area, most of mine ended up in the wardrobe
    4. Miscellaneous knick knacks. Coming from the girl who brought every little Disney figurine and sentimental desktop item I own, they just end up collecting dust, limit yourself to a few of your favorites and save your surface area (are you seeing a theme yet?)
    5.  Your entire library. You’ll be so busy with classes and clubs and intramurals and all the other great college stuff anyways. I had a painful time narrowing my books down to 10 or so and I only read about 2 of them and only while on the plane back and forth from school. Plus they’re heavy when in boxes and take up…guess what…surface area!

    Hopefully this was of some help to all you incoming freshmen and future students, stay tuned for my next post!