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  • July 15, 2013 3:48 pm

    Emma’s Guide for Incoming Freshmen: Freshmen FAQ

    I asked the admissions counselors for a list of the top questions that they receive from incoming students, and because I love helping you guys out, I figured I would do my best to help answer them for you!

    1. What are the beaches like and how long does it take to get there from campus? Ah yes, the beaches. I still can hardly wrap my chilled northern mind around the fact that we have access to gorgeous Florida beaches all year round. The most popular beaches among students are Vanderbilt and Lowdermilk, which are about 45 minutes from campus.image
    2. What is there to do around campus? This was pretty much the topic of last week’s post, so you guys can check that out for more details. But in summary, Student Life and SAB put on tons of fun events: Dorm Wars, Karaoke Nights, Ave Idol, Trivia Nights, Theology on Tap, Movie Nights, concerts, and Love Week, for example. There are also intramural sports, a variety of clubs and Households to join. Each semester there is an Activities Fair and a Household Fair where you can learn about the different options. And of course, there are Gyrene sports games to go to.
    3. What is the food like? Hmmm, good question. It’s pretty much classic college food. We have a salad bar, pizza, burgers and hot dogs, a sandwich station, the meal option of the day (ie Taco Tuesday), fruit, desserts, cereal, the norm.
    4. Is there a bank, urgent care, dentist, grocery store in Ave? All of the above, and all within a short walking distance. Shamrock Bank is the bank on campus and they offer student accounts. There is an urgent care, EPN Urgent Care, as well as a dentist, Ave Maria Dentistry, in the Piazza (the town center around the Oratory). There is also a Publix on campus, a short walk from the dorms, across the street from Shamrock.image
    5. Are there any jobs on campus? There are student worker positions that will pop up throughout the year, keep an eye on your Ave student email as well as the Daily Bulletin that is emailed out. Also, if you catch it at the right time, you might be able to find a job at one of the businesses in the town.
    6. Where and when do I buy my books? As soon as the book info goes up on your self service account (go to your schedule, click on the class, then book information), you can look for your books either through Ave’s bookstore online or Amazon. If you order them online through Ave’s bookstore, you can have them ready for pickup there before school starts. You can also buy them at the bookstore once you arrive on campus if you choose.
    7. Can freshmen have cars on campus? Yes! There is a parking form you’ll need to fill out and submit in order to have your car on campus.