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  • August 28, 2013 6:32 pm


    When I signed up to do O-Team at the end of the semester last year, I thought that it was just going to be like “Here’s your t-shirt, let’s move the freshmen in!” (more or less). I didn’t realize how much planning and work the O-Team did for my orientation last year, and now that I’m experiencing it first hand, I definitely am grateful. Working with my fellow O-Team members has been a blast and I can’t wait to meet the freshmen and get them through this orientation weekend!

    On O-Team we’re divided into groups: hospitality, transportation, events, and logistics. We handle everything from putting together bulletin boards, to picking up students from the airport, to planning and finalizing the details for the social events. One thing I did not expect to get out of this experience is making so many new friends. A lot of the students on O-Team I would see in my classes or around campus last year and we would say hi in passing. But getting closer with some of my classmates and even meeting some new friends is definitely a huge benefit of this experience. I’ve had so much fun so far, it was so great to see everyone again! It turns out that stuffing folders and moving chairs isn’t so bad after all. Another one of my favorite parts about being on O-Team is that we had a rosary and Holy Hour scheduled into our plan for the week. It was great to both have a break from our work as well as be able to share these experiences as a team. We would go to Mass together and then head over to lunch after, before starting our second shift for the day.

    Yesterday we welcomed the first wave of students as the Honors orientation began. Today is our biggest, busiest day—welcoming and helping move in the rest of the new students as they arrive throughout the day. Although I know it’s going to be a lot of work, I’m super excited to meet the new students and help them get settled in here at Ave.

    After that, we start our orientation program with various speakers and events. Hold on tight freshmen—you’re in for a busy, exciting weekend!