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  • September 16, 2013 3:55 pm

    Sophomore Status

    Now that I have two weeks of classes under my belt, I think I can finally take a quick breather. This year my schedule is definitely packed—but in a good way!

    My classes are definitely more challenging, with a bit more of a work load, but I’m enjoying them so far. This year I have Concepts of Biology, Macroeconomics, Nature and Person, and Sacred Doctrine. I like all of my classes, and I feel like Nature and Person and Sacred Doctrine were hand picked for me this year—it’s awesome. Although I have to work super hard at paying close attention in class so the philosophical discussions don’t go over my head, I love learning and thinking about all these deep questions, especially about our faith. In Sacred Doctrine, we are reading the Catechism and I didn’t realize how much it applied to me personally and my life. Every class we read a section and then reflect on it in our journals, and it really is helping me grow in my faith. It’s only been two weeks, but I really feel like I have matured in my faith and knowledge of the Church’s teachings.

    This year, my roommates and I came prepared with decorations for our room and I’m proud to say that it is super cozy and cute this year. Last year we found that the best way to maximize space and what works best for us is to keep all four beds on one side, so we have a study side and a bed side. Our beds are also lofted this year, giving us extra storage space. We have a pretty sweet setup, and I’m willing to wager that we have one of the best rooms on campus ;)


    It’s a pretty big change, but also pretty awesome to see so many more students on campus with this year’s freshmen class! I met a lot of freshmen during Orientation, and I really enjoy talking to them and seeing how they like Ave and how their first year is going so far. As a sophomore now, I like seeing how freshmen adjust to life at Ave and learn their way around, like we did last year. It’s fun seeing them taking pictures of the alligator in the canal, trying to find study groups for their Latin class, discovering that Oreo shakes from the Café are pretty much the best things in the world, that playing pool is one of the prime ways to make friends, that the sandwich bar in the cafeteria is your best friend, keeping an umbrella in your backpack at all times is a smart idea, and finding out that the people you meet at Ave are some of the best people in the world.


    I definitely consider Ave my home, and I absolutely love being here. I’m so blessed to be able to be living with my best friends, have the opportunity to go to daily Mass, take fantastic classes, and be a part of such an amazing community.