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  • November 22, 2013 10:11 am

    Another Exciting Week at Ave!

    It was good to be on campus for the week and not on the road.  I enjoyed a wonderful week at Ave (and a hot one, too, with temperatures still in the 80’s!).  The highlight was “The Galileo Affair” colloquium on Wednesday where Dr. Paul Baxa, who oversees the Honors Program, convened a forum of three of our professors (Dr. Ricardo Rodriquez – Physics; Dr. Michael Waldstein – Theology; and Dr. Jeffrey Hass – History) who engaged in a spirited discussion of the controversies surrounding the 17th century Church trial of Galileo.  The Demetree lecture hall was nearly filled as our honor students and other members of the University community listened to the riveting discussion and presented the panel with questions and comments.  Simply fascinating.

    The Mother Teresa Project also had an inaugural meeting of students interested in serving with the Missionaries of Charity in Mexico City (the group will meet again in January and a group will be selected to work in the orphanage during spring break).  I hope students sign up – my wife, Mary, will be going on this trip. The Mother Teresa Project trip to Calcutta is set for May for the 12 students joining me and Dean of Students Julie Cosden.  There also will be a trip to Haiti in May for a group half that size.  See Grace Cheffers, the person who heads up the Mother Teresa Project, and learn where you might be able to give your gift.
    And tomorrow night, a doubleheader:  First, a wine tasting of four wines sponsored by students raising money for Catholic Relief Services and its boarding school project in Calcutta (please support this fundraiser!), as well as our men’s basketball team making a trip to Dunk City to play the Sweet 16 finalist, Florida Gulf Coast University (we had a nice 61-60 “tune up” win last night, thanks in no small part to the packed student section in “black out” attire who rattled the visitors).


    Students are surrounded by options for a variety of activities on any given night, but one thing that isn’t optional is approaching in three weeks;  semester finals!   And I can see that some of our students already have their game faces on for that showdown!