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  • August 1, 2014 12:53 pm

    One Stop Dorm Shop 2.0

    I heard back from some of my lovely readers that my One Stop Dorm Shop from last year was very helpful in their preparation for Orientation and dorm shopping. I’m so glad to be able to offer some guidance through this exciting (and sometimes stressful) process, so this year I decided to write an addition to the Dorm Shop post.

    If you have questions about the layout of the dorms, I have descriptions and diagrams here on last year’s post. I also have a brief list of things I definitely suggest bringing and stuff you probably won’t need ;)

    Here are a couple important things to make note of from the old post:

    • Each student gets a bed, a dresser with 3 large drawers, a wardrobe (some are full length, some have 3 drawers in the bottom half), a desk with 3 side drawers and 1 thin drawer, and a 3 shelf bookshelf.
    • Ave will let you ship stuff to the school ahead of time and the mail room will hold it for you until you arrive, you should receive details about this over the summer.
    • If there happens to be anything that you forgot or couldn’t ship/take on the plane with you, Ave does offer Target and Walmart runs for any last minute dorm needs.

    Now, as I have another year under my belt as a rising junior (junior!? wait, what) I’m already halfway through my college experience (crazy, right?) so I have a couple more helpful tips to share with you incoming students!

    1. Get a rug or carpet. We were lucky enough to be able to get basically wall to wall carpeting for super cheap and seriously it makes all the difference in the world! Even if it’s just one of those typical dorm area rugs, it still works! If you spend half as much time on the floor as I do, trust me, it’s a necessity. It makes the room much more warm and homey and is ideal for students who like to do their homework sprawled out on the floor (me).
    2. Decorations! *Cue the eye rolling from any males reading this* You’d be surprised what a difference a little personal touch makes. Guys—I know a large percentage of the male population at Ave has some state/country flag hanging on their wall. Hang up a flag of your choice and maybe a poster or two and you’re golden. Ladies—this is your opportunity to personalize your space! Let me just give you one tip: PINTEREST. Lights, canvases, rugs, curtains, wall art (hung with the Ave approved materials of course). Here’s some of the decorations we had up in our room last year.image
    3. Appliances. I would highly suggest a mini-fridge and/or microwave. Microwave mac and cheese is a key staple of the college diet and is also nice if you need a quick meal on the run or just don’t want to leave your room and walk to the cafeteria (because that’s never happened to me). Also, if you’re a coffee person, those Keurig things are super popular. Stock up on snacks while your parents are still in town for orientation, because during the year, chances are you are not going to want to spend $4 for a pack of Oreos out of your small college student budget. A mini fridge and freezer are also great to store your juice boxes and popsicles (don’t judge) and occasionally carrot sticks and hummus if you’re feeling healthy.
    4. Full length mirrors. This one is actually a don’t on my list. I can’t tell you how many full length mirrors I carried into girls’ rooms during orientation last year. Ladies, you have a full length mirror conveniently located on the back of your door! So unless it’s actually a magic mirror that you need to assure yourself that you are indeed the fairest of the land, don’t worry about buying one.
    5. Blankets. This one is kind of a toss up, if you’re cold all the time bring all your blankets. Keep in mind, we do live in Florida. Or if you’re like me and can’t decide between all your favorite blankets, it’s always good to have a pile of blankets in case you have a guest staying over…or if you want to build, let’s say, a fort. Hey we’re all adults here.image

    That’s all for now! I have a couple more posts up my sleeve to share as you all are preparing to arrive at Ave, and I’m honestly so excited for you!! So keep an eye out for more tips :)

    Also, if you are an incoming freshmen with questions or just want to learn more about life at AMU, you can chat with me! I’m online on CollegeWeekLive.com Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 4-5 pm and Tuesday from 10-11 am. You just have to create an account and search for Ave Maria, and I’ll be in the chat room to answer any questions you may have!