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  • August 19, 2014 9:09 pm

    Tips for Living With Roommates: Part 1

    The thought of living with roommates in your college dorm can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. What if they snore? What if I snore? Will we get along? I’ve been there and totally feel you on the worries. I know all about the “research” you’ve probably been doing on Facebook, so here are some tips on living with roommates once you officially meet. And let me assure you that the roommate life is a good life.

    This post comes in two parts. These tips are from my experience; so if you’re a guy and have no interest in girly roommate bonding time, click here for a guy’s perspective!

    1. Roommates are basically built in friends! If you’re a little shy or not so socially inclined, like myself, it’s nice because you come to school with three other girls to eat meals with and navigate orientation and the beginning of college. I absolutely love my roommates and they are pretty much the best friends I’ve ever had!image
    2. However, if on the rare chance you don’t end up getting along with one or more of your roommates, there are still plenty of opportunities to make other friends. Be sure to branch out and get involved to make the most of your college experience.
    3. The RA’s and RD’s are there to help you. If you need help with a roommate situation or are homesick or pretty much need anything at all, they are more than willing to lend you an ear to talk or help you out. The RA’s also have different hall and floor events throughout the year, so be sure to stop by those for free food, movie nights, contests, etc, and to meet some people in your hall or on your floor.
    4. Your wardrobe expands when you have roommates! As long as you ask, and your roommates are down with sharing, you now have a much wider selection for outfits. In my room we are constantly passing around sweaters or borrowing dresses and I always get a couple people who need to borrow my Disney shirts for the Night of Joy trip.
    5. You’ll learn to become more flexible. I will freely admit that I am not the most flexible person in the world. I don’t like change, and I’m a little bit of a control freak. Living with roommates may take some adjustment for you, but it will help make you a better person and help you be more okay with going with the flow.image
    6. Respect is key. You need to respect your roommates if you want them to respect you. Respect their property, respect their sleeping schedule (unless they are sleeping through class in which case you can throw a pillow at them). Common courtesy is important, make sure you clean up after yourself and take responsibility for your stuff and everyone will be happier.
    7. Communicate with each other. Whose turn is it to clean the bathroom? Who bought toilet paper last? Whose pile of laundry is quickly swallowing up the room? (Probably mine) If you have an issue with a roommate, don’t be afraid to talk it out—don’t just give them the cold shoulder. Ask your other roommates or an RA for some help if you need to.
    8. Have fun! Go out for a roomie dinner, have an arts and crafts day to work on some room decorations, encourage each other to excel in their area of interest, work out together, the possibilities are endless! Also, [harmless] pranks are always fair game ;)image