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  • August 19, 2014 9:10 pm

    Tips for Living With Roommates: Part 2

    And now for part 2 of Tips for Living With Roommates—specifically for the guys. If you want to check out the tips from a girl’s perspective click here!

    I honestly have no idea how the inner workings of a guy’s mind function, but I’m sure you manly men don’t care too much about sharing wardrobes and roomie arts and crafts. So I’ve enlisted one of my friends to give his perspective on the roommate situation, and some tips that the guys will hopefully find more relatable and useful.

    Please give a warm blogging welcome to my special guest blogger Daniel! *Imaginary applause.*

    Hey! My name is Daniel O’Rourke and I am going into my junior year at AMU. My friend Emma, Ave’s famous blogger, asked me to give some words of advice for the guys with regards to living in the dorms and living with a roommate for possibly the first time. Before I begin, I want to mention something that I’ve heard said before (and I’m not sure Emma will like me saying this…but whatever): “At the beginning of the semester, all the girls will immediately be really tight and close to each other and all the guys will be pretty awkward around each other, but by the end of the semester, all the girls will be mixed up with drama and all the guys will be bros.” Now while this is not completely true, what I do find very true in this is that it always takes us guys a longer time to warm up to each other than it takes the girls. Girls are almost immediately bff’s and travel around in packs with their roommates, while guys can take a few days or even weeks to get beyond speaking only a few words to each other. This is totally normal, so don’t worry about it.

    One of the biggest things I can suggest is the importance of setting up boundaries with your roommate. You want to establish responsibilities, who “owns” which side of the room and sink, what your study habits are, when your quiet hours are, and whether or not you plan on having many visitors in your room. It’s best to set expectations at the beginning of the semester rather than waiting for specific situations to arise because it keeps you both from feeling like you are constantly nagging each other.

    Another suggestion I have regarding your roommate is to take some time early on to try to hang out outside of your room. I’ve seen situations where the best of friends can make the worst roommates, and other situations where two guys are great roommates but don’t really classify each other as good friends. Don’t write someone off because you are having a hard time living with them. Give them a chance and see what it is like hanging out without the responsibilities and confines of your room.

    Specific to the guys dorms, I’ve noticed that not many people take the time to meet everyone on their floor. I would highly suggest making an effort to introduce yourself to everyone on your floor as soon as possible. Your floor mates are people you will probably pass in the hall a few times each day, so it only makes sense to try know all their names. This seems like a given thing that will eventually just happen, but I’ve come to learn that if no one makes the effort to make introductions, months and months can go by where you awkwardly pass a guy in the hall who lives right next to you who you’ve never met. My impression of the girls dorms is that they do not have this problem at all, but hey, how am I supposed to know?


    I hope this helps and I’m sure Emma has given the general overview of dorm life and plenty of great tips that apply to both guys and girls. I’m looking forward to meeting you all at Ave!​