Off and Running

Off and Running

Our students returned yesterday and the new semester is off to a fast start. 

And so is the new year!  One of Florida’s most prominent public servants in its history – two-term governor and three-term U.S. Senator Bob Graham – visited Ave Maria University for the first time.  He and his lovely wife Adele had lunch with my family on Sunday and it was good to catch up with them and show them around campus. 

He was off and running to Cuba as a member of delegates from the Council on Foreign Relations to make sure that our neighbor to the south doesn’t recklessly drill for oil and bring an oil slick to Florida’s pristine coast.

Another politician who is off and running is our current governor, Rick Scott, who is up for re-election this year.  As you recall, he was our commencement speaker last year and his record in creating jobs and helping Florida’s economy recover is impressive to say the least.  Out of the blue I received a letter from him yesterday that really made my day.  He was congratulating the University on its 10 year anniversary.

 Later this week I’ll be in Tallahassee and I hope to see him to thank him personally – both for his letter and also for his support of our university.  I’ll also be asking our legislators to protect the Florida Resident Access Grant, a $2,500/year award to students who attend private colleges and universities in the Sunshine State as residents.  Governor Scott has been a champion of this program and hundreds of AMU students receive this grant annually.

So I’m off and running, too!