Sabbath surprises and delights

Sabbath surprises and delights

What a Sunday!

The phone rang at my home Saturday and it was a member of the security detail of Governor Rick Scott saying that he would be coming to Ave Maria University on a swing through the area.  I invited the Governor to join Mary, my family and me for the 10AM Mass, and sure enough, he came.

I like this Governor.  He delivers on his promises (jobs, strengthening the economy, etc.) and you can trust his word.  Some politicians say whatever it takes to get elected.  Rick Scott strikes me as different.  He has been a staunch supporter of the pro-life movement (although as he shared with me, he met last week with the bishops of Florida and they raised their continued concern about the death penalty in our state).  He’s also been a friend of Ave Maria University since he took office – last year he was our commencement speaker.

He went on a stroll of the Mother Teresa Project Exhibition Hall and he loved what he saw.  He told me he wants to promote the museum as a tourist destination site!

The evening was capped off with yet another show-stopping, jaw-dropping performance by the Ave Maria University choirs.  Dr. Tim McDonnell brings so much to the University – including his wife Maria who was a soloist – and he conducted Brahms’ German Requiem with his characteristically masterful direction.  Our students- and there were over 70 of them – sang as though they were professionals.  They make us all so proud. 

How good was the performance?  Two of my children, ages 11 and 14, who didn’t want to go to what the latter referred to as “an opera, whatever,” were actually wanting the program to go on longer.  They were touched by the beauty of the music, the singing, the musicians, the entire event. 

If you didn’t get a chance to hear the choirs this time, they are doing Beethoven’s Ninth on April 10.  Don’t miss it!