Photography Exhibit Opens in Library

Photography Exhibit Opens in Library

Today, the photography exhibit, “Rome: Lasting impressions from the 2014 Class Trip,” opened in the Canizaro Library at Ave Maria University. The exhibit presents the journey of a group of students travelling through Rome with Dr. Joseph Yarbrough as their teacher and guide.

The collection features twenty-two photographs of stunning landscapes, cheerful student travelers, and skillfully captured architectural details. A map accompanies each photograph, pinpointing the group’s location in their journey. As you walk through the hallway soaking in the beauty and culture of Rome, read the thoughts and reflections offered by the students who went on the trip. The descriptions they have supplied for the exhibit powerfully convey their own experience and enable the reader to participate.

Take, for example, the following description, which accompanies the photo “Damasus in the Case Romane”:

After making our way down the Clivus Scauri, we entered the Case Romane. In ancient rooms, each with its own story (and often with a Latin inscription to tell it!), we were delighted to find an inscription in dactylic hexameter in honor of saints John and Paul, two Roman noblemen martyred for their faith around 362 AD in or near these rooms on the site of their home on the Caelian Hill. The authorship of the inscription can probably be traced to Pope St. Damasus (366-84 AD), in part because of the “Philocalian” style of the lettering. We might translate Pope St. Damasus’ Latin words thus: “Paul and John keep this altar of the Lord / Having suffered martyrdom together for Christ’s name, / Purchasing the rewards of [eternal] life at the price of their blood.” I was captivated in looking upon this inscription and in tracing the letters I seemed to be touching history itself.

– Lauren Cronin

Above: The photograph display, “Damasus in the Case Romane.”

Over the course of ten days, the group of students visited many sights in Rome and the surrounding area. In the introduction to the exhibit, Dr. Joseph Yarbrough, Assistant Professor of Classics and Philosophy and Chair of the Classics Department, explains that the aim of the study trip is to present to students the “endless history [of Rome] in the best possible way, through an encounter with the Latin literature of the saints, poets, and philosophers who made Rome renowned, read in the places where they penned their works, sitting at the sites that their words bring to life.” Thanks to the recently installed exhibit, a taste of that “endless history” is now available to members of the Ave Maria community.

The exhibit “Rome: Lasting impressions from the 2014 Class Trip” will be open until March 27, 2015.

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