High School Seniors Discerning a Catholic College

High School Seniors Discerning a Catholic College

I just went outside and it is 80 degrees and sunny and simply beautiful.  Picture perfect. Like yesterday was. And the day before.

That made me wonder what the weather was like at some of the other Catholic colleges and universities in America.  So I did some research with the help of wunderground.com:

University of Notre Dame:  Snowing right now, and Thursday they’ll have a low of 5 below zero.

Catholic University:  Snowing last night, snowing tomorrow, and then the next day, a low of zero.  Zero.  Not Celsius.  Fahrenheit. 

Benedictine College in Kansas:  Snowing right now, and tomorrow a low of 5 degrees.

Ok, maybe it isn’t fair to look at those institutions in the snow belt or near it. 

So I thought of Belmont Abbey in Charlotte, North Carolina.  That’s in the South. 

Uh oh.  They’ll have a high of 22 degree on Thursday and a low of 5 degrees tomorrow – with snow. 

University of Dallas – hits the freezing mark in two days.

Well, enough research for one day!  I’m off to an afternoon outdoors lunch with my wife and our students!

Just thought I would share this with those high school students discerning among excellent institutions.  And transfer students, for that matter!