Senior Theses in Theology

Senior Theses in Theology

Nineteen seniors have spent the past semester discussing the nature of theology and crafting senior theses on topics ranging from “A Case Presenting the Benefits of the Liturgy of the Hours in the Spiritual Life” to “The Interior Life and the Effective Use of Social Media.”

The theses are written as part of the senior seminar (THEO 490), in which students “read classic and contemporary texts on the nature of Theology, the relationship between Theology and other sciences, and the role of the theologian within the Church,” and “discuss the differences between traditional and modern understandings of Theology as a way to gain deeper insight into the nature of Theology itself and as a preparation for engagement with contemporary challenges” (cited from the course description).

Over the course of the semester, guided by Associate Professor of Theology Dr. Roger Nutt, the seniors have moved from a prospectus, through drafts of increasing length, to the finished product: a paper of roughly twenty-five pages and a public presentation of their work.

“The Senior thesis in Theology,” said Dr. Bill Riordan, Professor of Theology and Director of the Undergraduate Theology Program, “offers the students, at the culmination of their theological formation, the opportunity to research an area of their own choosing. The students find this challenge exciting both in the writing and the oral presentation of their findings.”

The thesis presentations have taken place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:10-11:50am in the Henkels Auditorium since March 31st. The schedule for the remaining presentations follows below.  

Thursday, April 16th

Leslie Delaney, “A Good God, Human Evil, and Innocent Suffering”
Joseph H. Munning IV, “The Theology of Solitary Confinement”
Susanna Matlon, “The Human and Supernatural Meanings of Suffering”

Tuesday, April 21st

Colette Gay, “Is a Catholic Psychology Possible?’
Matthew Konieczny, “The Development of Doctrine”
Matthew Graham, “Sacramental Marriage: A Greater Union”

Thursday, April 23rd

Roselyn Battista, “Personality Type and Spirituality”