A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Ave Maria University’s Shakespeare in Performance (HUMS 330) is in the midst of their spring production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

[Above: Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, played by Robert Gotschall.]

The student acting troupe follow “original practice” in their presentation of Shakespeare’s plays, striving to perform according to the rhetoric, use of space and techniques of Shakespeare’s time.  The troupe’s originialist practices, with audience seating on three sides of the stage, the lights on, and the actors addressing their lines directly to members of the crowd, lead to dynamic and unique performances.

As in Shakespeare’s day, the troupe incorporates popular songs and contemporary melodies into the action of the play. See an example of this practice in the trailer for this year’s run.

“I call the students ‘a troupe of destiny,’” said director Travis Curtright, “because so many production elements have come together in a superb way, from acting and makeup to costume design and fundraising.  This troupe deserves a successful run and all of us are eager to share A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the campus and larger community.” Dr. Travis Curtright is Associate Professor of Humanities Literature and Director of Humanities and Liberal Studies at Ave Maria University. He was professionally trained at the American Shakespeare Center and specializes in English Renaissance literature.

[Above: Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of the Fairies, played by Andrew Olson and Mary Catherine Beller.]

Performances run through the end of this week and are free to attend. Show up early to increase your chances of getting a seat! More ticketing information is available here.  

Cast list and credits:

Shakespeare in Performance presents
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
By William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
April 16-26

DIRECTOR:  Travis Curtright.



CASTING:  Travis Curtright, Danny Garland, Timothy McDonnell, Shirley Anghel.

MUSICAL DIRECTORS:  Andrew Olson, Maria Molter, Michaela Cheffers, Katie Beth Miller.

COSTUMING, HAIR, AND MAKEUP:  Bailey Timmis, Katherine Levesque, Teresa Timmis.

DRAMATURGY:  Shirley Anghel (figures of speech), Andrew Olson (prosody), Bailey Timmis (paraphrasing).

CHOREOGRAPHY:  Mary Catherine Beller, Jessica Higa.

MASTER OF ARMS:  Genevieve McNallis.

PROMPTER:  Allie Dawson.

MARKETING:  Jennifer Santschi.

PHOTOGRAPHY:   Teresa Timmis and Jennifer Santschi.

MUSICIANS:  Maria Molter, Sean Hanus, Peter Atkinson, Jeremiah Foster, Michaela Cheffers, Bridget Hebert.

VOCAL WARM-UP:  Nick Ciavarra.

PROPS:   Erin Mamott and Teresa Timmis.


*please note that some roles were double cast. 

THESEUS: Michael Driscoll.

HIPPOLYTA: Bailey Timmis, Erin Mamott.

EGEUS: Conner O’Brien.

LYSANDER: Nick Ciavarra.

DEMETRIUS: Sam Hughes, Jacob Cornwell.

HERMIA: Emily Swope, Rachel Wisely.

HELENA: Briana Edwards, Paula Shute.

PHILOSTRATA: Rose Reed, Bridget Hebert.

OBERON: Andrew Olson.

TITANIA: Mary Catherine Beller, Katie Beth Miller.

PUCK: Robert Gotschall.

PEASBLOSSOM: Michaela Cheffers, Nora Harkins.

COBWEB: Katherine Levesque, Louisa Zachmann.

MOTH: Victoria Velasquez, Maria Molter.

MUSTARDSEED: Genevieve McNalis, Jessica Higa.

A SPRITE: Michael Stewart.

PETER QUINCE: Mitch Marcello.

NICK BOTTOM: Peter Atkinson.

FRANCIS FLUTE: John Paul Royals.

TOM SNOUT: Christopher Hahn.


SNUG: Jeremiah Foster.

ATTENDANTS: Elizabeth Prebilic, Allison Dawson.

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