33 Thoughts You Have During Your First Month as a Freshman:

33 Thoughts You Have During Your First Month as a Freshman:

1.     I can’t believe I’ve only known these people for a week! 

2.     Dark clouds? Hmm, maybe I should carry an umbrella… 

3.     [Soaked] Yeah I should definitely carry an umbrella.

4.     You’re telling me I get to receive Jesus? Everyday? 

5.     Title IX AGAIN? Goodnight.

6.     “Oh hey”… person I never met before. How is everyone so nice here?

7.     Oh yea, I’m going to the library. I’m a gooood student.

8.     Study room with some friends? That sounds fun!

9.     Welp, I’m never doing that again. 

10.  To Iliad or not to Iliad?

11.  I just wanna nap.

12.  How many minutes give me the perfect nap? 

13.  What is laundry? 

14.  So. Many. Miraculous. Medals. 

15.  Let’s go bear hunting!

16.  How big can bugs possi-IS THAT A GRASSHOPPER?!?

17.  Norman the alligator is my new best friend.

18.  I will become a volleyball pro… just gotta work on my serve…a lot. 

19.  [Day 1] I’m gonna make sure to look presentable, every day!

20.  [Day 10] Athletic shorts, t-shirt, and flip flops it is. 

21.  I really should buy some bug spray…

22.  Freshman 15 won’t be touching me! 

23.  ICECREAM MACHINE?!? Sorry, salad bar. 

24.  Maybe I’ll go to the gym today…or tomorrow… or next week. 

25.  A bed never felt so good. [Zzzzz..]

26.  SNOOZE.

27.  SNOOZE.

28.  SNOOZE.

29.  I wonder if I’ll ever wake up in time for breakfast… 

30.  Time to hunt down some coffee. 

31.  So the whole school swing dances… but me. 

32.  WAIT- I need to take a picture of the sunset for my snapchat story. 

33.  There’s no place I’d rather be than AMU.