Sister Sister

Sister Sister

Where there is a faithful Catholic school, there are big Catholic families. Ave is no exception to this rule. Every year brings in a new batch of siblings and it’s always fun to play match the freshman to the family. I definitely think that this contributes to the family atmosphere here at Ave, and really helps you immediately feel at home. This year, my younger sister Hannah joined me at Ave and now we have double the Martin family trouble on campus.

I always tell everyone that my favorite part of having my sister at Ave is that my wardrobe is now twice as big. I have double the options of outfits, shoes, and headbands, plus if I ever get tired of my own style I can easily switch it up. Which is all very true, and reminds me that I need to stop by and borrow an outfit for next week. Anyways, I digress. In reality, having a sibling at college is an awesome thing. I am currently trying to convince security to program my keycard to also work on my sister’s door.

It was weird at first seeing her around everywhere and helping her move her stuff into her room, but now I’m over there just about every day and have named myself an honorary 5th roommate after I participated in their roomie bonding/hair braiding session. Especially since she is a freshman, I’m always around for not only her, but also for her roommates, to provide some of my sage senior guidance. Whether it’s figuring out the mystery that is Ave WiFi, proofreading essays, discussing the benefits of having a 52-48 male to female ratio (good prospects, ladies), or just having someone to sit with at dinner, having a sibling around is a pretty good deal. It’s almost like bringing a piece of home with you to school. When my roommates get tired of dealing with me, there’s always my sister, she’s been dealing with me since I was 3. We are pretty much polar opposites, she would rather socialize until she can’t talk anymore while I am a big fan of my bed and Netflix on a Friday night. Her room is always pristine and clean, and I currently cannot find my desk. So we end up being good at balancing each other out. I tell her to stay in and make sure she gets her homework done and she comes in my room and tells me it’s time for me to put all my clothes back in my closet.

And now for a shameless Admissions plug: we offer the Legacy Grant, which is a scholarship for students that have siblings either currently at Ave or who have graduated from Ave. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. I’m just saying, I’m a big fan of free money just for having a sibling.

My younger brother Josh is only 13, but he has already decided that he wants to come to Ave. Hannah will be a senior when he is a freshman, and he is all set and ready to send in his deposit for the Class of 2023.