AMU Students Shine on PBS

AMU Students Shine on PBS

I am so proud of our four students who were featured this weekend on the PBS feature story on how Catholic universities establish and maintain their identity and mission.

PBS visited the campuses of both Georgetown University (founded in 1787) and Ave Maria University (founded over 225 years later) and the contrast in the cultures of the institutions was just as dramatic as the respective dates of founding.  I was delighted that a national television network undertaking a serious study of this issue would choose Ave Maria University from the other 250 Catholic colleges and universities in America.  Clearly our national reputation is growing, and if you watch this piece, you will see why.

Paige Pilarski (who by the way is president of the Student Government Association), Chris Audino, Michael Watkins, and Liz Altomari were simply sensational.  They handled with grace the provocative questions – and issues – presented to them by the program’s host. 

You can click here to watch this eight-minute segment and see for yourself how well they did.  Their poise, eloquence, and evident zeal for the Church leave lasting, favorable impressions.

If you see Paige, Chris, Mikey or Liz on campus, please congratulate them on representing the University – and you – so well.