Consider Ave Maria's Summer Intensive Immersion Programs in latin and Greek!

Consider Ave Maria's Summer Intensive Immersion Programs in latin and Greek!

Looking for reading fluency in Latin or Greek?  Crunched for time during the regular academic year?

Consider Ave Maria’s Summer Intensive Immersion Programs in Latin and Greek! 

For the past five years, we have been offering interested students a unique opportunity: summer courses in beginning and intermediate Latin and Greek, teaching students to read as well as speak Greek or Classical Latin. The program provides the equivalent of four or more semesters of elementary and intermediate Latin or Greek and leads to fluency in reading the ancient languages. Students otherwise unable to gain basic competence in the ancient languages during the regular academic year have an opportunity to do so through immersion and intensive study in an exciting and academically rigorous environment.

Over the course of eight weeks, meeting for an average of six hours per day, program participants:

  • build a basic 1,000-word vocabulary,
  • learn to read and analyze in the target language, and
  • learn to speak and compose basic sentences in the target language.

Why apply to Ave Maria’s Intensive Program and not some other one?

The methodology we use sets our intensive courses apart. We have taken the successful formula of intensive summer courses in Latin and Greek and added a methodology inspired by applied linguistics: reading skills built through communicative competence. You will be gradually introduced to (or refreshed on) the grammar of Latin or Greek through intensive oral language exchange, communication in realistic environments, reading narratives and extracurricular meetings. As part of the immersion environment, you will be speaking Latin or Greek exclusively during the field trips. Within class, you will be reading and writing the ancient languages. Our goal in speaking Latin or Greek in the classroom is not to learn to speak an ancient language for its own sake but to learn to read ancient texts without the need for analysis through translation.

Who is it for?

We welcome undergraduate or graduate students learning Latin or Greek for the first time, or seeking a refresher. Latin or Greek teachers who want to gain exposure to an active language methodology are also invited to apply. Ave Maria’s Intensive Immersion Program is perfect for those students who are pursuing disciplines for which Latin and Greek are formative, but whose schedules don’t allow them to time to dedicate time to Latin or Greek during the regular academic year. Students with little exposure to Latin or Greek have nothing to fear; the program was designed with beginning students in mind.

“I think this course was incredibly well designed. Not only do I now feel as though I can speak and read Latin, but I feel confident that I can continue to progress with the language on my own. I wasn’t just given vocabulary. I was given tools to understand the way the language works.”

-Scott Wolcott, student in the Summer Immersion Program in Latin in 2015 and PhD candidate in Philosophy at University of Albany (SUNY)

Who will be your guides?

Latin courses are designed and taught by Dr. Bradley Ritter. Dr. Ritter received his Ph.D. in Classics from the University of California at Berkeley. He has published on Hellenistic and Roman history and Judaism in the ancient world (most recently, Judeans in the Greek Cities of the Roman Empire, published by Brill in 2015).

Greek courses are designed and taught by Dr. Christophe Rico. Dr. Rico received his Ph.D. in Greek linguistics at the Sorbonne and has published on general linguistics, Greek linguistics, and Koine Greek. He is also the founder of Polis, an institute in Jerusalem which offers a two-year M.A. program in Classical languages, philology, and the culture of the Holy Land.

“I’ve taught Latin in a summer intensive language program at Berkeley very similar in length and scope to our program at Ave Maria University. Its duration and intensity are well-designed to bring students to a good knowledge of how to interpret Latin texts. But I wanted to add something to our program not seen in other summer intensive programs. I wanted to bring the fruits of my experience in immersion programs in modern languages and apply that to the world of Classics. It was my intense experience as a young student learning to read German and Hebrew in immersion programs in Germany and Israel which has left me with an ability, to this day, to pick up texts in those languages and read with ease and fluency. That is what this program is designed to do for Latin and Greek, to start students on the path to fluency in reading the rich literature of Greece and Rome.”

-Dr. Bradley Ritter (M.A., Latin literature, Berkeley; Ph.D., Classical Philology, Berkeley), Program director and founder

[Above: Language students enjoy the Florida sunshine.]

When and where will this opportunity take place?

Latin Program: Summer 2016

Dates: May 16th – July 8th
Instructor: Dr. Bradley Ritter (Associate Professor of Classics at AMU)
Schedule: Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 12 PM and 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Extras: Field trips in Latin during weekday afternoons*
Price: $2,500

Greek Program: Summer 2016

Dates: May 16th – July 8th
Instructor: Dr. Christophe Rico (Director of the Polis Institute, Jerusalem) and Stephen Hill (University of Kentucky)
Schedule: Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 12 PM and 1-2 PM
Extras: One field trip in Greek during weekday afternoons each week*
Price: $2,500

*Field trips will include visits to the Naples Zoo, the Naples Pier and Corkscrew Swamp Bird Sanctuary.

How do I sign up?

You can apply to the program hereHurry up, the deadline is April 15th!

Have more questions? Contact or call (239) 280-1667

[Below: Students speak in Latin with Dr. Bradley Ritter, left, on a field trip to Corkscrew Swamp.]