Pro-Life and Pro-Poor

Pro-Life and Pro-Poor

Last night I had the privilege of speaking at the annual Aid for Women dinner at the Union League Club in Chicago.  

This faith-based organization, founded in 1978, has redirected the lives of countless pregnant women who might have chosen an abortion but instead chose life.  The dinner organizers honored the Missionaries of Charity Sisters who also care for pregnant mothers and their children in the area, and of course, newly-minted Saint Teresa of Calcutta who has served as an inspiration for the group since its founding.


Four of the seven Sisters serving in the Missionaries of Charity home in Chicago. 

We can get desensitized to the deadly drumbeat of abortion in America.  No community escapes its scourge.  In Cook County, there are 60 abortions a day. One of out of every 4 pregnancies in that city ends that way.  During the dinner presentation, a map showed the location in the city of the six Aid for Women counseling sites or homes.  By comparison, there must have been 30 red flags that marked the location of abortion providers.  Thank goodness for the faithfulness of the foot soldiers for life who press on against all odds.

Ave Maria University is proudly pro-life and pro-poor, just as Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa were during their lifetimes.  You can’t be a true Catholic without being both.  They are inseparable commitments stemming from our responsibility to protect and honor each and every life, born and unborn.  I am proud of AMU’s Students for Life club, as well as those which work with the poor and help moms raise their children after the dads disappear.

Any college founded in Our Lady’s name realizes that when the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leapt for joy in the presence of the unborn Jesus, that affirmed that life is sacred from conception to natural death.  AMU will continue to celebrate this truth, even when the culture around us is hostile to it.