Classics Senior Presentations

Classics Senior Presentations

Just before Christmas break, two seniors majoring in Classics, Kate Van de Loo and Catie Crnkovich, gave their senior presentations. 

Kate Van de Loo read and defended her paper “Portae Monasterii Casinesis,” which takes a look at the central set of doors to the main church at the abbey of Monte Cassino. Miss Van de Loo’s paper offers a history of the development, installation, and reassembly of the doors over time; and also a commentary on the door’s dedicatory inscriptions. Through her treatment of the doors, Van de Loo offers a glimpse into the life and history of the abbey of Monte Cassino. 

Catie Crnkovich followed with her paper, “Mutatis Modis Cantica: What Was Plautus Thinking? How a Close Look at Menaechmi Can Shed Light on the Genius behind Plautine Cantica.” In her paper, Miss Crnkovich offers a close reading, including scansion and translation, of several key passages of the cantica in Plautus’ comedy, Menaechmi. Through her reading and research, Crnkovich makes the case that the cantica, far from being merely engaging interludes or opportunities for voice rest, are integral to the development of the play’s characters and evidence of Plautus’ theatrical genius. 

After their graduation in May, both Van de Loo and Crnkovich intend to continue their study and love of Latin by entering graduate programs in classics. 

Below: Catie (left) and Kate (right) pose for a photo after their presentations with professors from the AMU Classics Department, from left to right, Drs. Ritter, Dinan and Yarbrough.