Ave Sends More than 200 to the March for Life!

Ave Sends More than 200 to the March for Life!

What a day on the Washington mall today! Ave Maria University was well-represented at this year’s March for Life with 200 students praying, marching, and putting their faith into action.  I’ve attached a photo to give you a glimpse of our wonderful students.  It was great to be with them - and I had a nice visit with the delegation of 50 from the Donahue Academy, too!

It also was nice to see the Vice President of the United States at the podium addressing the vast throng of attendees.  President Obama had banished the stage for speakers to a distance away from the line of sight of the South Lawn of the White House but today it was back to the same location where President Bush allowed the march to be staged - in the shadow of the Washington Monument.


The first report of The Washington Post ends with a quote from one of Ave Maria’s students.  I have copied the link below.  It is nice to see our University’s voice amplified in the national media - in the unlikeliest of places, too!