Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Jeffrey Formula

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Jeffrey Formula

There are many measures of success for graduate programs. Perhaps among the more important measures is found in career placement after graduation. Consequently, each time a graduate student gets placement it is cause for rejoicing throughout the department. A case in point is the recent hiring of Dr. Jeffrey Froula at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park. St. Patrick’s seminary has been forming priests for 118 years. Recently, a new rector of the seminary was hired, Fr. George E. Schultze, S.J. It both exciting and an honor that one of Ave Maria’s own has been hired as the seminary is taken in a new direction.

Dr. Jeffrey Froula finished his PhD at Ave Maria in the Spring of 2015. His dissertation, “Ave Crux Spes Unica: Saint Thomas Aquinas’s Teaching on Christ as the Source of Hope” examines Christ as the source of our hope in the theology of Thomas Aquinas. Notably, he passed with distinction.

Since completing his PhD, Dr. Froula has been teaching a number of theology classes at Ave Maria and is currently working on a book based on his dissertation, Aquinas on Hope: A Christological Perspective. Meanwhile, his wife, 3rd year PhD student Kate Froula, has been completing her own studies. They recently welcomed their first child into the world, Athanasius.

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When asked about what he looks forward to in going to St. Patrick’s, Dr. Froula responded, “I look forward most of all to pass on the excellent formation in the tradition that I have received here at Ave to future priests. Ave has allowed me to see theology as a unified whole–as a true wisdom. I hope to be able to pass this way of viewing theology to my students at St. Patrick’s.”

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