Aquinas Center Conference: Mother Teresa and the Mystics, Coming Soon!

Aquinas Center Conference: Mother Teresa and the Mystics, Coming Soon!

The Aquinas Center, in honor of the recent canonization of St. Teresa of Calcutta and of AMU’s own “Year for Mother,” is hosting a conference on Mother Teresa and the Mystics: Toward a Renewal of Spiritual Theology

Be sure to make your arrangements to attend the great line-up of talks that have been prepared.

Cost to attend: $35.00, Includes access to all talks, including the plenary addresses. Also included are snacks and coffee. 

To register, email, or call Grace Farley at 239-280-1629.

Tentative Schedule:

Friday, 10 February 2017

1:00-5:00 Registration
3:00-4:30 Concurrent Session I
5:00-6:30 Ralph Martin Keynote

Saturday, 11 February 2017

9:00-9:45 Mass
9:45-10:30 Light Breakfast
10:30-11:30 Michael Waldstein Address
12:00-1:00 Mark Miravalle Address
1:00-2:00 Lunch
2:00-3:00 Fr. Matthew Lamb Address
3:00-4:30 Concurrent Session II
5:00-6:30 Fr. David Meconi, SJ Closing Address

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Ralph Martin, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Michigan: “John of the Cross and Mother Teresa: The Truth About Dark Nights” 

Fr. David Meconi, S.J., St. Louis University, Missouri: “Touching Jesus Today: The Mystical Body & Mother Teresa” 

Dr. Mark Miravalle, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio: “Mother to Mother: The Mystical Intimacy of Mother Teresa with the Mother of God” 

Dr. Michael Waldstein, Ave Maria University: “John Paul II & Mother Teresa as Father & Mother of a University” 

Fr. Matthew Lamb, Ave Maria University: “Saint Teresa of Calcutta as a Witness to the Universality of God’s Love and of the Natural Law” 

Concurrent Speakers 

Dr. Susan Waldstein, Ave Maria University: “The Kenosis of Mother Teresa and Our Mother Mary” 

Dr. Jeffrey P. Froula, Ave Maria University: “Nuns ‘Who Would Be Mary and Martha’: Action and Contemplation in Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity” 

Mr. Kevin Clarke, Ave Maria University: “Darkness and Spiritual Ascent in Maximus the Confessor” 

Dr. John Froula, Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity, Minnesota: “Three Virtues Key to Active and Contemplative Contact with Christ” 

Mr. Luke Arrendondo, Florida State University: “St. Teresa of Calcutta and the Unity of Catholic Social Teaching and Moral Theology” 

Brandon L. Wanless, Ave Maria University: “Mother Teresa and the Pauline Mysticism of Living in Christ” 

Matthew Kuhner, Ave Maria University: “The ‘Theological Existence’ of St. Teresa of Calcutta: On the Significance of Her Life and Work for the Discipline of Theology” 

Jeremy Sienkiewicz, Assistant Professor of Theology, Benedictine College, Kansas: “Salvation in the Dark Holes: Dark Night as Salvific Eucharistization in St. Teresa of Calcutta” 

Father Robert M. Garrity, JCL, STD, Assistant Professor of Theology, Ave Maria University: “Mother Teresa’s Mysticism: A Source for Theological Renewal” 

Sr. Albert Marie Surmanksi, OP, Ave Maria University: “Hunger and Thirst: Catherine of Siena and Mother Teresa on Sharing Christ’s Suffering”

Jeremy Johnston, Ave Maria University: “To Lose One’s Self: Placing Mother Teresa’s Radical Self-Gift in the Mystical Tradition” 

Taylor O’Neill, Ave Maria University: “Mother Teresa’s Dark Night, the Unitive Way, and the Witness of the Mystics”