Arcana heideggeriana

As promised in the previous post, things are picking up again at the AMU philosophy blog! How exciting!

Here’s a very funny passage from Steven Galt Crowell’s 1993 review of Hubert Dreyfus’s SZ commentary Being-in-the-World (1991)…

Dreyfus has done a rare thing: he has produced a Heidegger book
that encourages philosophical argument. Those who have hitherto
found Heidegger impenetrable, or who have tired of the Masonic
quality of much Heidegger scholarship, should welcome Dreyfus’s

I’ve never heard anyone refer to Heidegger scholarship as “Masonic.” This is ingenious! Yes, if I had to sum up the first wave or so of Heidegger scholarship, I now see that “Masonic” is precisely the way to characterize it!  Okay, a lot of people have made a similar point about a certain approach to Heidegger but I think that Crowell has succeeded in gathering that whole critique into a single word.

Of course, the Masonic approach to Heidegger continues to be a live option. It hasn’t quite disappeared and may, indeed, prove to be immortal.

But – let’s be honest – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The old Schwarzwälder himself was pretty “Masonic.”